California Drought

3 - 30 - 2015
Scans DL

Resonant Fractal work is a new science, and one must move carefully, never making any claims, without observations to back them up, and solid repeatable experiment.
The following scans were done from Alaska remotely using maps, Google earth, and Internet reference photos, to tap in remotely and make feel felt vibration connections with California from my one location.
While I believe they are accurate at this time for my skill level with this new science, they are not infallible and should be verified either on site, or by others with similar skill level in vibration work.

The scan below was the first one, and a good read through. One month later, the outflow vortex identified on the silo had dissipated likely due to grain level inside it. While it is located on a major earth node, this is only a factor when the grain level is also resonant with it. Best guess.

Major Outflow Vortex Present in California

California Scan 1

An outflow vortex is known, from experience, to push the clouds away from it over time, and rarely if ever let them converge at it's location if it is Iron activated.
This type of vortex will generally stabilize naturally and become more neutral, unless acted on by an outside force, sometimes an electrical force that is in constant flux, or an Earth Grid node, also in constant vibration flux.

Bakersfield Area Scan

Bakersfield to Buttonwillow ariel view

This closer scan, shows the California Outflow Vortex is centered to the West of Bakersfield right inside a town named Buttonwillow.

Buttonwillow Scan

Button willow view

The epicenter of the vortex appears to be a structure to the right of a long warehouse along the road, near the center of Buttonwillow.
Possibly a tank or silo structure.

Buttonwillow Kilowatt Scan

Vortex Overview

In this shot note the power lines to the South of town, and how they split at angle from the power grid system in Kilowatt.
These power lines are a great many and a large distance across. They are seen as the white lines in the fields, with structures every so often to support them.

The fluxing power is not the Source of the vibration vortex, but it is likely the element causing the Field to remain active.

Local Tanks - Angled Cone Tops

Cone Top Tanks

This front tank feels to lay exactly over a major earth grid node position, and an outflow tension line running parallel to the San Andreas Fault.

Early Photo of Tanks

Tank Resonance Area


Estimates, from tank seams, and building height.
It appears to be 22 feet off the ground to the first red line crossing point which marks the "node of radiance" as felt in the scans.
There appears to be a structure entering the tank at this level exactly. A support with a cable or wire under it.

12 feet above this, the tank hits the angled cone, the tip of which is approximately 44 feet to the next cone tip in the line.
The whole section of this 12 feet, feels to be fully radiant with an outflow energy vibration reaching into the jet streams.

44 feet is a major resonance for earth grid coupling of vibration energy.
Vertical alignment of the tanks form tubular radiance effecting the jet streams.
It may be acting like a Reich tube.

There are many other silo type tanks in the area with flat tops, and not located exactly over earth nodes, that do not feel radiant at all. This appears to be the only one built exactly like this in the area.

The power grid down the road, named Kilowatt, and the power lines moving around this town, may be interacting with this resonant vibration node, to create a major outflow condition in California. Best guess.
This may be partly or even fully a source of the California drought. It should be verified locally.

I have no idea what is inside the tanks, whether it is grain, corn, or some petrol fuel. There is a propane tank at the bottom.
One might seek to learn the date these tanks were placed and the dates the power lines to the south of town were first energized, then compare to weather status for the previous years, versus the post years.

The area has farming, a large race car track, and some kind of major electrical grid distribution hub just down the road named Kilowatt on the map. Large power lines leaving in more then one direction to the South and with an angled split.

For me this outflow energy would be incredibly invigorating to live around, and may cause people to become souped up. Not surprising a large race car track is found there.
After my scans of the tanks I was buzzing for an hour.

Power Liines 1

Power Lines 2


On both ends of the town along the road scans reveal there may be a shift to more natural background vibration rates.
The tanks or silos are possibly the Source of the vibration energy causing weather flows to route around California.
It is the same vibration I felt in the weather maps, showing the jet streams bending around and away from this area.

Study of Reich techniques may reveal the same effects possible with smaller tubes, tuned properly, and grounded properly with wires.

Possible Solutions Offered

The tanks are a likely Source of the tempic field disturbance, but the balance on the power lines is likely also at play creating a constant flux that changes over time.

1 - Seek to balance the phases in the loading on the power grids to the South of town, and in the town. Try to detect a heating problem in the lines, then refer to the power company. [Best and first fix to try]

2 - Alter the construction of the silos [tanks] to miss the 44 foot and 22 foot resonances of the earth grid. [Not likely desirable]
3 - Move the front tank off the Earth node, or destroy it. [Last resort]
4 - Remove the cone tops and replace with flat tops, dropping the structure down well below the 44 foot resonant height. [Expensive]

5 - Configure a 44 foot long heavy ground wire system between the tanks somewhere at the base, shifting the nodes on the other tanks into sync, to reduce the pressure field. Explained below, in "Tank Phasing." [May be practical]

6 - Set up a horizontal inflow tube system connected to the tank on the earth node in order to counter it's effects on the tempic field. [Weather Tube System]
One set of copper pipes 4 feet long with special resonant bismuth core may be sufficient to contain the field, and compress it fully, pulling it down out of the jet streams.

Rain will likely return to this area when the "radiant outflow field" is crashed or compressed.

To supplement with an inflow system, a weather tube system can be used to pull rain into the area also if the community becomes aware of this possibility, and is agreeable to it as a "conscious phenomena."

Making Rain Tubes

Aetheric Tube Device

1 - Seek to balance the phases of the power grid and eliminate any ground flows

This is conventional intervention, for power grids, and should be investigated first.
Power companies are familiar with this problem which can arise causing energy of a power line to short to the earth in various ways.
The power company can use an Infra Red scanner system to locate these kind of problems. It will indicate heat present where energy is going to ground rather then back to the power grid properly.
A power line should not radiate voltage, if balanced properly. If an unbalance occurs, the telephone circuits may become noisy, as currents begin to flow through the ground and through the telephone cable sheaths rather then back to a power line neutral that has become hot.

EMI meters can be used also to test the power line balance, as all voltages should be "canceled out" in a well balanced system, at relatively short distance away from the wires.
Unbalanced loads can cause bloody noses and headaches in children, as they can radiate voltage to some distances away. Walk around with a Trifield meter or similar trying to locate any stray EM fields that should not be present.

Ground Loops

If one were to set up a large circle of wire, with a resonant frequency at some odd harmonic of 60 Hz, it would begin to conduct currents induced from the power grid. Combined with an unbalanced power grid, these currents may go upwards to 15 amps or more.
The arrangement of the 4 silos in the photo fed with the 3 phase power system seen on the pole standing behind, may be of the correct loop length, to create a ground loop between two or more of the silos. I assume they have all been grounded for lightening protection at the base and obviously they are all connected together at the top, forming an electrical loop between each two, where if resonance is achieved currents may start to flow on the tanks surfaces.

3 phase electrical feed to silos

Below I have estimated one possible ground loop resonance at ~88 feet long between two of the silos. This may then appear on all four of them as well.
These can be detected by placing an Amprobe around the ground wires capable of reading 1 ma levels to about 15 amp levels, to see if any are in conduction of AC energy.
Different ground wires can be opened to see if and how much the current changes for all 4 silos. The struts at 22 feet up can also be measured for ground currents.

These ground loops can be easily stopped by placing air gap or gas tube lightening arresters in series with them in ground wires.
These will only allow current to conduct if there are hundreds of volts present, so lightening protection is maintained but the ground loop is opened circuited and the problem may be totally stopped at this point.

If the ground loops from all four tanks, are active and causing a "scalar canceling effect", this can effect the weather, and with vertical alignment, as they are positioned, the jet stream problem we are seeing over California.

5 - Tank Phasing of Vibrational Waves

These are Tesla waves or T waves and cannot be seen with meters, because they are scalar canceling and become a vibration type of field directly on the tanks from currents flowing both directions, which cancel out and disappear to meters. Opening one of the grounds at a time may expose them on the remaining three grounds to the other tanks as the balance is changed in the ground loops.

The goal here however is to eliminate vertical polarization of the T field by adjusting the nodes to align horizontally. This is assuming the Vibration waves are not being created by electrical currents through the tanks, but from the Earth vibration node setting under the front tank. [We have now tested and exhausted the conventional fixes for power grids. And the jet streams have not normalized and are still moving around California.]
T waves can come directly up out of the earth, via an earth node, on the planetary vibration grid, and also become resonant on a 22 ,44, or 88 foot resonant metal loop.

Vibration Loop

Showing the phasing of the vibration loop that is generating an Outflow Pressure on the background field. The node position I have measured remotely by feel, but should be verified locally.
Because the nodes I scanned are not at equal height, they will interact to create a high pressure field, and push the weather outwards. The Aetheric weather tubes do the opposite of this and pull the weather inwards.

Vibration Loop Correction

Showing a theoretical method to alter the vibration node location, driving it from below with corrected phase to become synchronized between tanks, and eliminate the pressure of the field from the split phasing. If there are now two nodes created at the catwalk above they will at least be aligned horizontally and should stop effecting the jet streams.

If we get the phasing correct to eliminate the vertical polarization, we should release the jet streams to operate normally again.
The grounding wire length can be experimented with as well to achieve neutral weather interaction, 22 foot can also be experimented with if necessary between the tanks metals to alter the ground loop resonance wavelength . If the tanks have not been grounded at the bottom then grounding them all may also eliminate the problem. In this case wire length may not be an issue, only that all of the lengths are the same and placed over to the active tank on the front left corner where the ground node is located.


Considering the ground may have far less conductance then a 22 or 44 foot heavy # 8 ground wire, this method may succeed at vibrating up the silos setting around the active one with the same nodal pattern that is on the driven silo. It will have to overpower the overhead coupling of the cones, in order to shift the nodal positions into correct phase, or it may set up a countering set of them at the same heights in both tanks running the opposite direction. A 44 foot wire should make a full loop of the energy and injected at the base will then be in phase with the driven silo. A 22 foot one will be exactly out of phase and may cancel it out totally. This is unknown for T waves at present. When you get it right the background noise floor will drop to very quiet around the silos on an EMI meter, and you have corrected the problem.

This is called tuning. The wires may be connected to the base of the metal, and then one will be positioned or moved along the circumference of the other until the two are in sync. This horizontal alignment should cause the pressure of the background field to drop to normal within a few hours. As the field crashes rain will be drawn in, as if Reich himself had done the operation.

If this is not effective enough, then some of the cones can be fully insulated from the overhead catwalk to stop the circular wave pattern from completing it's full loop for each loop possible.

The result should be an immediate shift in the jet streams if successful.

Lastly, a copper tube device can be connected to the ground wire at ground level to tweak the system for further experiment.
If successful the silos can then be used as they are for weather manipulation.

More drastic devices can be experimented with as well such as a 44 foot copper wound density sphere, for tuning along the ground wire, before it is considered to alter the silos structure height or top, or move the one over the earth node totally away.

Another device that may be helpful for tuning the towers to fracture the vibration loop, would be a magnet with wire attached to a metal plate. This can be stuck to the metal of the silo at different heights then run to the base or side of the active tank for fracturing the field into smaller segment lengths using various phasing techniques. The wire will conduct only vibration and will work through the paint on the silos just fine. The magnet will hold it in place long enough to see if the nodes have moved or fractured to smaller segment lengths, or drop in pressure. This tuning would have to be done by a "sensitive." We should be able to model this using inches rather then feet on the bench, once we have the takes actual dimensions.

Scans 3 - 30 - 2015
Dave L