Resonant Body Wear

[Designs by Bernie Heere]

Resonant Body Wear

Neck Loop
The large U shape is set over the neck and under the collar for increased energy flow in head, shoulders, and thyroid area. [9x GL length]

Spiral Coil
Energy Increase on a specific body area [9x GL length - levity]

Dual Spiral Coil
[SBB] - Dual balacing master flow system, chakra astral body. [7x GL length - power]

Rod of Ra
Physical body energiser [ 5x length]

3 each high frequency GL rods
For insertion in clothing 7/8x, 1x, 9/8x

All made with 4 ga.solid Aluminum wire, for maximum extension of vibrational fields through the body.
The lengths are bent into their final curves, and then finely tunned by sanding them on the ends until they resonate up perfectly.

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GL Rods PDF File

By Bernie Heere

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