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We advance together 

In the sharing, we are all lifted

Mankind as One


Awaken To Vibration

General discussion, beginners interest, introductions to vibrational systems, linking to Chi, Ki, Conscious devices.
Health and Spiritual related discussion, meeting others with similar interests all over the world.
Introduction to Resonant Fractals

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Investigating and advancing some of the early devices experimented with and documented by Dave Lowrance during his early 10 years of exploration around the alternate energy and healing investigations.
An off shoot of the c_s_s_p site founded for the free sharing of information that mankind gain ability to move forwards both Spiritually and Technically simultaneously.
Addressing also the social context of free energy devices, and the impact on our present world.
What happens if we succeed.

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Background reading on magnetism, diamagnetism, torsion field awareness and manipulation.
Discovery of Comprehension as the desired goal to advancing a culture towards sanity.
Early weather tubes, and the Rain Maker 1 technical construction.
Surprising and unexpected psi phenomena.
Organizational unity concept.
Wilbert Smiths New Science.
Early experimental record.
Some theoretical models.

RM 1

Rain Maker 1
Consciously Interactive Diamagnetic Vibration Fields.

Tape Migration

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