NMR Use to Extract NVR Conical Isotope Structures

[ Document Creation Date 12 - 18 - 2019 ]

General Description of Methods Used

The value of 1H was expanded geometrically by 8x octaves to arrive at large fields. 1.363968 GHz was far enough up in Source Frequency Octaves to prove this out completely.
1363968000    =   1.363968  GHz

Geometry of a cone is calculated from the formula 1 mm = 1 khz  [equivalent energy quantum]  In three dimensions of expansion this results in 1 cm = 1 Mhz.  NMR table extraction results in 30 degree cone geometry manifesting in the background field.
NVR is the height of the dual cone system and 1/3 NVR is the take down frequency.

NVR cone diagram

NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, is used for detection and identification of basic elements, which respond to EM manipulations at the Isotope level of atoms. Not all the known elements have this response but a great many of them do.

A material is placed into a very strong magnetic field of known intensity, a radio frequency, usually in the Megahertz range is applied to the sample, and then a time to wait for the material to respond with a pulse of EM, indicating that element scanned for is present in the sample. Complex data is now calculated to indicate the density of these atoms present using known technical formula. In advanced MRI equipment a picture is constructed for a graphical display of what is detected.

NMR works with strong EM fields, and thus it works through the electron shell of the atom, and results are both transitory, and skewed by the magnetic field of the electron shell. The sample must be immobilized and set inside a generated magnetic field. This was the first true technology for atomic level detection of atoms, and it's basics were developed in the 1950's. Operation of the fields holding the atomic shells in place were claimed to be Electromagnetic although no one could set up a configuration of magnets to demonstrate how that was possible.

In the study of QED and NMR physics, I was inspired to theorize that the electron shells are held in place by pure vibration energy, generated by the "strong force" field layering, as defined by Wilbert Smiths description of the Tempic field.
Thus it could not be metered using EM tools. I had much evidence from experiments to suggest this was true. There were several fields we had noted that could not be measured via EM meters we had encountered.

In our electronics work with inductive kickback, it was noted that adding copper inside a coil increased the inductive kickback energy to super high levels that would destroy the driver transistors.
This led to further study of the diamagnetic reacting elements, ABCH  Aluminum, Bismuth, Copper, and Hydrogen, Bismuth having a diamagnetic field external to it's physical dimensions, and Copper and Aluminum having these fields rise up only when there was the motion of a magnetic field moving through them. In Joe Cell work with Hydrogen concentrations rising in water, also a ring shaped field developed around the cans that resembled orbital layering and could even trap dust particles in these rings.

It was also noted that when we brought a magnet near a spinning copper cylinder the field that pushed the magnet away, was not magnetic in nature but inertial in nature. It could not be measured using EM sensing equipment and it reacted in the same way to either pole of the magnet.

The diamagnetic field, would repel both poles of a magnet, and therefore it can explain fully why the electron shells do not crash into the nuclear core of the atom having both a North and South magnetic polarity on them that can be set up in both attractions and repulsion of the proton shells, as was taught in NMR technology.

It was then the goal to find a way to access this field, from the outside of the atom, without having to deal with the EM conversions on the electron shells. A process that would use only pure vibration, the actual field the atom was using to control the electron shells. This field could be demonstrated in the spinning cylinder experiments that a person could then feel it for themself.
Spinning Cylinder Experiments

The EM Scalar Canceling Coil and The SS Calipers

A method was eventually found, to directly access the isotope level, without disturbing the electron shell at all. It was termed as Nuclear Vibration Resonance NVR by me, and it was accurately able to target the actual structure of the conical systems at the nuclear core. The method was given by Wilbert Smith, likely around the same period of history when NMR was first in full bloom. The "Scalar canceling coil system" is as good a "description" as any.

Wilbert had been given a method to experiment with mass resonance, bypassing the electron shell level, by canceling out all the EM components of the field, and allowing only the "vibration pressures" to pass of the two electromagnetic fields in opposition. The resultant field, could not be measured using EM detection equipment, but it could be felt by sensitives of CHI and KI energy, that meditators and sensitives around the world are well familiar with. Wilbert spoke of the conscious aspect of this new energy form, but could not make much sense of how to use it effectively as EM or resonance at the nuclear level, or how to use it consciously, that he revealed anyway. He suggested that he would need 10 years to master the conscious part, and he never achieved that, but stated he knew people who could do it.

Somewhere around 2008, from Wilberts descriptions of the coil systems, I designed the Aluminum Bismuth Scalar Canceling coil system to study the effects Wilbert had described.
Magnetism Specs

To raise up these fields, that had ability to produce pressure waves at any frequency, I would send into them frequencies using a Function Generator at very low power levels.
EM went in, and pure vibration in the medium came out. It was an energy I was very familiar with as a Martial artist, and Yoga practitioner.
The first years with this coil system, were exploratory of my own auric field, and learning to scan remotely, by adjusting the frequencies on the F gens.
This energy could pass through nearly anything, as the EM part of atoms had no effect on it. It could move out in straight propagation lines, or it could energize the surface of crystal spheres, or at any radius I chose inside the spheres.
It also had the quality that it could be sent remotely to another device at great distances around the earth.
I found we could calculate this energy, with the discovery that we could measure it using Stainless Steel Calipers, as it would resonate up the gap between the jaws of the calipers and then could be felt all the way down the SS metals.

Stainless Steel Caliper Measurements

By 12 - 13 - 2016 I was organizing methods to program and clear quartz crystals, at the level of crystal lattices, to produce very large vibration field that could fill an entire room using only SS calipers.
Quartz Crystal Programming and Clearing

I came to the simple conclusion over the years that the "conscious field" we feel as Chi, is a nuclear mass vibration system that our consciousness has full access to.
We went on for many years charting frequencies found on the earth around us, like the Earth Grids, and growing more sensitive to identification of these fields purely by feel.
Many were very happy working at this intuitive level of feel felt energy, now they could exchange frequency vibration lengths by the formula 1 mm = 1 khz and measure these directly using SS calipers.
In "feel felt" work we tend to Judge a frequency based on how it makes us feel, and most of these are found to be emotional reactions to the particular frequency we have vibrated up.
Some were also identified as meridian frequencies in Acupressure techniques.

This work is fun, and the fun tends to remove the desire to quantify it further. We also tend to label frequencies of intense power as bad frequencies, as they create "compressive" fields around us and through us.
When facing such fields we do not understand, the tendency is to feel fear.

NVR method

January 2  2016, I had decided to delve more deeply into the possible science of Nuclear Vibration Resonance NVR manipulations, and with a new found knowledge of how fractals work, and how we can map an area as a frequency also, I started this exploration into possible control of the Self Sustaining Fields that exist at the nuclear core of all atoms.  Here I discovered how to pull up large fields from the atoms without using a magnetic or EM field at all. We instead use the frequency of the background field at any fractal size we desire to program the 1H frequency into the NMR calculator. NMR Calculator 333000 was the standard at first, and later we discovered you can expand this input by 8x octaves to get more powerful and larger results.
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Fractals

In early trials, I used base 10 expansion of the fields octaves to study this new energy form, and found that the weak fields coming up were useful in detection of elements. They were very safe to work with and went away when the calipers were closed. Here is one example of this application:
Bone Scanner Elements

From the base 10 level extensions of the lengths given out in mm, I could take a blind sample and begin to identify all the elements in it, using only a set of SS calipers and the early NVR charts I had created.
Coilpack4u CP4U study

Many of these vibration fields had already started moving electrical tape down tubes, and then one that did this so fast you could watch it form a cone along the edge of the tape in only seconds. [The Keshe Fractal ]
Nano Coating Experiments


Around mid 2019 I was challenged by a young colleague who was also very sensitive to feel felt energy and doing very advanced work with sensing and "flowing energy fields." He stated he did not see this kind of energy producing actual power in the real world, and that it may never lead to that. I reacted to this statement strongly, knowing that on several occasions I had experienced things that had worked, but many of which I could not really reproduce by design. Tweaking does not really count, if no one else can repeat it.

I realized that if these methods cannot be accurately "quantified," and shared by design, with complete descriptions of where the energy comes from and how to manage and control it, then it would have no real value to the people of our future on this world. That was a bit of a shake up for me, so I made a decision to go backwards and start to develop at least one of the possible methods, to raise up fields of powering capability as I had touched on so many concepts and effects I saw potential in over the years. I had to face the concept of Power head on, and no more "feel felt fluff" to distract me. I was going to have to start working with the energy that some would label as toxic, nasty, bad, and even evil. These strong compression fields are normally hidden from us down deep inside the atoms at the core, and from the outer world of "radiant electron bonds" we never have to really touch them.


I had already understood all the correct concepts necessary, to use 8x octaves to truly connect with power, to the fields of creation as we now identified them in the background field, and working through the atoms nuclear centers. The new calculations using correct octave manipulations resulted in fields of power that did not go away when the calipers were closed. The most scary of fields I had ever worked with, and I had to stay inside them until I ciphered control of take down.
The new methods of calculating NVR frequencies were spot on, and it worked. The hard part was not in creating them, but in understanding how to control them once we brought them up.

The value of 1H was expanded geometrically to arrive at large fields that could no longer be cleared out using a magnet, or anything else I tried. 1.363968 GHz was far enough up in Source Frequency Octaves to prove this out completely.
1363968000    =   1.363968  GHz

Summing this up, the take down frequency methods were solved, as well as the dimensioning method for a useful control of the new energy type offered.
By shrinking the 1H field size by 8x octaves down into the Audio spectrum, we are able to charge up metals like Aluminum to become a Source of energy that has good containment of the fields.

333000 Hz
41625   Hz
5203.125  Hz

We had found the portal access into the power of the atom, and a method to release this energy in a safe controlled way constantly replenished by the atom itself from the background field.
A first experiment that anyone can replicate, to prove this method works was presented as a public document. 12 - 14 - 2019.

Ethics of a Self Sustaining Civilization

My sincere thanks to all on the V2EM groups who contributed time and energy to solving this puzzle of our local earth physics. Without your support and sharing observations, we would never have gotten here.

Dave L

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