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12 - 19 - 2019

Scalar Coils and SS Calipers

Resonant fractal work, was initially developed using Stainless Steel Calipers for the most part, but it was always known from the start the scalar canceling coil was the preferred method of construction of the fields, as it's range could be far more accurately targeted. A SS caliper can work with about 3 to 5 digit accuracy in the range of .01 mm to the length of the calipers, usually 150 mm,  200 mm, or 300 mm, which are the 3 ones I have used for many years.
A 300 mm caliper was used to soup up the engine in my RAV, and reduce inertial resistance at all RPMs of the engine.  8950 Pathway Into The Engine
A Fractal Matrix
Scalar Coil Vortex Generator

The Field Fabric

Space is filled with the "Field Fabric". This fabric has tension across it allowing it to vibrate up at near light velocity motions. It has natural resonance octaves, that can be ciphered as harmonics, of Line, Area, and Volume.
Even more then this however, this background field is already in a state of high vibration, due to the way it is updated or scanned, like a strobe.
There is a limit as to how fast something can change. We can use the mental model, "the universal consciousness must scan every single point in the universe repeatedly, and the time it takes to complete one scan, is the delay of change for all points inside the universe, the master clock rate." This parable is useful in manipulating Line, Area, and Volumes of space to couple energy between them. If two fields have identical scan update times, they will couple. If they have specific ratios like pi/2, they will sustain a vibration powering one another into a state of oscillation.

A very hard concept for electronics people to accept, is that of [longer dimension = higher frequency]. The field fabric is not a load, as with an antenna, it is a Source of energy.
The Source field can be likened to water height in a dam. The more height, the more pressure. When we tune into resonant fractal lengths that are very long, we get back very high vibration rates, and in higher frequency there is far more energy.
Experiments on the "platform1a" has verified the quantum equivalence of space containing an energy of  1 mm = 1 Khz, for design of self sustaining fields at our dimensional level of constructions. We can now design a field and predict it's dimensions before it is energized.

Accurately cut off a wire at 333 mm, and it will go into a state of vibration at 333 Khz [333000 Hz]
This is a major point of dynamic energy which exists in the Source field around the earth.

333 mm diagram

Now you can also set up a scalar coil / F gen to 333000 Hz, and feel it couple into the wire as a vibration pressure increase.

Geometric Field Bubbles

All matter and energy inside a volume of space, lowers the energy of the background field around it.
It appears a best guess, is that the sum of all energy of vibration present will total up to the un-manifest background field, and this value will change as we move out away from our solar system.
Because form manifests as geometric fields in space, there will be an aura of lower density in the background field around them for some distance out, where the field fabric is being split into multiple frequencies.

We can expect there may be a layer around the solar system where the field density and resonance frequency of space jumps upwards well above 333000 Hz
The matter inside that field bubble will be fracturing the field fabric into multiple sets of frequencies at much lower vibration rates.
As a conscious slider, I once hit this area of un-manifest space, and termed it "sweet space."

So in theory, which seems to work locally, all space has a background frequency through the universe, and as we fracture this field into manifest objects, that frequency is divided into separated sums, or even sometimes factors.
Object manifest plus auric field around object = frequency of the local background field.

We can set up SSF [self sustaining fields] by fracturing the harmonics of the 333000 field into two values which will multiply, or sum to 333000, and the two elements will go into a state of resonance and self sustain one another within the field.
One is typically positioned inside the other as the field around it. This is called "conditioning space." It has been discussed many times with free energy systems but they have never shown how to set them up instantly, as we now can do.
We can do this using either SS calipers, or Scalar Canceling Coils.

Frequency is Distance,  Area, Volume

1 Khz = 1 mm     2 Khz = 2 mm     3Khz = 3 mm

4 mm squared = 16 Khz

3 mm cubed = 27 Khz

It now becomes more obvious, how the surface area of an NVR cone can have a frequency that couples to some other source of energy, and this frequency is different then it's NVR which is the height of the cones used to start them up.
We may use a cone calculator to speed things up for specific energy coupling paths. Cone Calculator Spreadsheet

In Wilberts Smiths Universe the three field forces are intimately related to Distance, Area, volume. As the Tempic, Electric, and Magnetic field forces.
We can use that system to calculate them as well and it works to couple energy between them.

Walter Russel attempted to teach us this in his diagrams with squares but it went over the heads of the elite scientists for sure, as they had no concept of segment lengths of vibration as we are working with to produce form in the Source Field.

Calculation is always done as a square or cube form, no matter the Geometry of the manifest form we are working with.
Example, some resonant lengths will produce a complete sphere as a dense volume all through it, [71.60 mm = 71.60 Khz = sphere diameter] however the frequency that results from that is the volume of the sphere, and to find that frequency we have to use mm cubed values.

Basically a cube with the same volume of the sphere is the frequency of the sphere that will be extracted from the background field by some function of the aura that then will form around it.
The aura will be another sphere in the air around the solid sphere.

While we can set up that sphere in the background field using the frequency of the diameter of the sphere, the result will be a volumetric value frequency that is much higher, with an auric field frequency around it that will either sum or multiple to a background field harmonic in some way.  Space

Here is a caliper injection example of routing vibration energy directly into a random diameter Stainless Steel can. Caliper Injection
It demonstrates how to fracture the background field at 333 Khz through an auric field [Mediator Frequency] around the can so that it will vibrate up the can, with some level of power.
This is space conditioned and it is instant!

In the example however, we use a linear form calculation, and it works because the Source frequency is already hitting the can from all angles. We could however do an area calculation as well, and possibly generate a voltage on a tube inside the can.
The mediator frequency is injected around the can using a SS caliper, and the can then vibrates up at a rather high frequency, almost a bit too intense to leave on for long, however it shows the technique is valid for energy extraction from the Source Field. Note also for a linear form calculation the 1/9x releases the field and takes it down.

Calier Injection Diagram

To have any success at all in drawing in energy from the background field one must begin to do the math and geometry and make the frequency connections that will begin to self sustain.
With the manifesting of conical fields, it is all about getting the frequencies correct.

NVR cone diagram

We can envision, the background field as intelligent in this respect. If we learn  IT's methods then it will manifest what ever we can cipher, and usually using only one or two frequencies.
Learning to work with values of Line, Area, and Volume, we should be able to produce any field, the universe is capable of manifesting.

Cone Calculator

NMR Table Audio rel 1.1

NMR frequencies higher then 200 khz [20cm] may result in dangerous coupling to the power grid, the actual value will be different for 60 Hz or 50 Hz power grids and has not yet been accurately determined.
Sheet one of the rel 1.1 is the dangerous fields, that are mostly very large and risk power line coupling overloads of the compression field.
Sheet two is the Audio frequency levels, that should be mostly safe to work with on metals.
Sheet three is about adding "spinning cone" fields at 90 degrees, which power off and then spin around the initial NVR cones, and some config may produce classical EM results. This is still at the experimental stages.

Spinning Cones

Spinning Cones Diagram

In the original experiment where we brought up large cones we discovered a method to derive a second cone set from the first, and when the frequency was applied the second set attached to the tip of the original and began to spin around it at 90 degrees to the original cone set.

It should also be noted that when the Gold NVR came up, it contain not just one 30 degree cone but two others inside it, which were coupled strongly to one another.  Power
The method of calculating this 90 degree attachment cone set is on sheet three of the rel 1.1 spreadsheet above.

Gold Cones Graphic

Basically we take the first NVR frequency, subtract it from the source field frequency 1H, and run it through the calculator again as the source of the field power for the second cone set. Power is then derived from the first cone set and delivered to the second which is smaller. The smaller set pulls in the dense mass of the first, and places it into the ring formed off one end of the first.

There is also a calculation for adding the frequency of the first to the background field 1H, and doing it that way also, with the belief that Electron energy would travel into that larger set.
More experiment is in order.

NMR-Table - Audio see sheet 3

Note also that for each frequency you add to the form, will require another take down frequency TDF be calculated also.
There is however a method to take down multiple frequencies simultaneously. Sum them and then apply 1/3 of the sum and see if that works for cones, it works for 1/9 x on linear form systems.
You can take down a pi/2 self sustaining field using the sum then fracture technique, and not have to separate the two elements in space.

Dave L

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