Ethics of a Self Sustaining Civilization

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I speak only for myself, as should all beings of responsibility


The conical power field, is most like the tornado of nature, however it can be tamed, contained, and controlled. The self powering fields never come to rest without intelligent intervention.

Dual Cone Diagram

While frequencies like the GL in the "emotional spectrum" may be explored without a care, as to "feel felt" responses,  Device/BodyDeviceIndex.html
"Powering frequencies" must be respected and understood just as Electricity has been. Sticking your finger in a light socket, you may judge this "feeling" as evil, but the power is not evil if correctly used and respected.
There are rules that must be observed, in the raising up of self powering conical fields from the Source field, and we can compare them to safety practices with our power grids of today.
The energy form is similar to Electricity, but it is also very different in the way it propagates, and in where the power comes from. A clear understanding before "jumping in" may save one many frustrating mistakes.

Fear and Control

Without a doubt, the first time an "experimenter" opens an energy producing field that draws in "power" from the background field, say from around 1.3 GHz or even in the Mhz vibration ranges of the Source field energy, which are very normal frequencies for NMR technology, there is an overwhelming experience which can bring with it a strong level of fear. The immediate question then becomes , can I control this, can I shut it back off? This energy is coming right out of the space I live inside, was opening this a wise decision? "I wish I had never done this!"

Unfortunately, it took me from August 16 to Sept 6 of 2019, over two weeks, to control the most powerful one I ever opened! I had to cipher how to shut it off, using math and geometry, and knowledge of the fields structure, as well appealing to my higher self for support. The initial fields were so intense I had to leave the garage for several hours, to get my mind cleared again. Pure vibration does not burn you, like EM waves would. It creates "pressure zones" in field bubbles with specific dimensions. You can step back and get out of them. This had to be done to discover both the geometry, and the control methods, at a size that could be observed and measured. I had to work inside these fields I had created.

Here is the record of that first conical form power experiment:  Power
Notice that when all was said and done, the information and data lead to the conclusions at the bottom of the experiment that finally gave us control of the fields and clear understanding of the true geometry.
The cones that manifest are powered from their "surface area" resonance as [mm squared,] and it can be shut down using 1/3 the frequency which sets it up, as that converts to 1/9 of it's surface area.

With advance in this study we have been able to tame this energy into smaller fields, and set up instant controls for activation and shut down. This was done by moving down to Audio frequencies, where the forms are so small they stay very close to the metals. The TDF [Take Down Frequency] was developed as an acronym of shutdown, to accompany any field we set up. It should be calculated previous to activation of any such field coupled directly into the Source field.

TDF Diagram

For the first time experimenter dealing with a new energy form, namely pure vibration, never having worked with it, there is also a personal learning experience which comes in steps, and can take time to reach comprehension.
At the point of comprehension, one begins to write their own formulas, for whatever their application will be, however the math and geometry are well within an average persons abilities. Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry.
Just as atoms self power from the background field through all space, our devices can eventually be set up to operate in the same way by study of the atoms. Most of the work has already been done by our current sciences.
The NMR Calculator for example, as well as The Basics of NMR technology

This quote is from my notes during development of the conical form manifestation documents:

The resulting technology demands a factor of consciousness be recognized, that does not allow fear to rule actions. Mind must always outweigh fear and reaction, or the Grey ones may intervene to confuse and protect the knowledge from being miss used in the unstable pursuit of emotional gratifications, which are transitory in all cases. To have a comprehension of nature, one must recognize all power comes from the dance of opposing field forces that never come to rest, and the human civilization must come to realize this nature and seek to see all sides of all conflicts as equal. When all sides are recognized to exist inside all of us, then we can become creators of the dance as [The One]. "The One" is the higher perspective accepting both polarities of the dance of creation. This was given mankind early on as the Tao from one of the oldest civilizations we have access to in China, and has to do with the geometry of our physical brain. Our main pitfall is to become "judgmental" of a frequency because possibly we do not favor how it feels.

The self powering fields never come to rest without intelligent intervention.

While the heart may rule empathy and compassion, the mind is the ruler of justice, equal rights, wisdom, and truth.
The dual nature of the mind, has ability to find a balance between any two conflicting polarities that arise.
Polarizing to one side generally shuts down one side of the mind and misses the paradoxical nature, 
[ balanced sustained conflict, being a creative force of nature

The balance is destroyed if one polarity decides it needs to destroy the other, and "The One" then dies. Thus we tend to view the interaction as a dance, rather then a war, when we "wake up" to the reality that is.
This is the internal dance of our physical structure, the dual sided brain, in a body of dual sided atoms, all self powering from the background field vibrations.
When we decide to wake up from our long "emotional process" nap, and finally get "healed", the emotions then continue to work freely, without resistance, but can no longer distract the mind from it's higher goals.
The higher ethical goals of contributing to the culture of humankind that will come next, when this body is no longer present.

The people of the future of this world should never have to discover this again working alone!
The higher Ethic I refer to, is to trust humankind enough to share this knowledge openly with all of them.

Self Sustaining Civilization

During development of the formulas for conical manifestation of energy from the background field, it was again imprinted on me the seriousness of adopting an ethic which can produce a sustainable civilization.
Some quotes from what came in from my higher self access:

We are now at a point of instant charging of matter to intense levels, by following and respecting the Grey protocols of creation, and using recorded science methods to build on top of.
A mathematics, that allows us to re-dimension conical fields to any size we want.

The "brotherhood of beings" that embrace the creation, all make this choice to build with the tools of the universe, to have accurate comprehension of what they do, and to apply it for the greatest good of all involved within their own civilizations.
These protocols are a necessity for advance in technological use of the background field that supports all creation structure.

Without a reverence and respect, for creation, the results may be misused and applied for destruction, or intentional chaos, creating hell on earth, when all the opportunity is present to create paradise for all on earth.

There are aspects of our cultures we can all agree on, which can be discerned through accurate study of them each. Honesty, building and supporting a society of people, raising the qualities of life, etc...
There are natural recognizance of what is destructive to all the cultures. Namely secrets used to empower one class over another class of people using "deception."
Deception is an animal nature, used in the food chain on our world, humans naturally detest this as uncivilized from their higher spiritual nature.

As our consciousness raises, as a society, if there is time, the understanding of the [ Yin and Yang forming the One ] will be grasped deeply by all.
This is the law of physics, and can be proved as the basis of all structure of matter and energy.
This is built into the universe, and there is no escape from IT's truth.

It is one thing to conjecture from the armchair, but in all honesty, we must prove out our theories using direct experiment, and in this process is only the person and the universe, to answer all our questions.
Comprehension is a personal process. " Wilbert Smith"

The Grey Protocols of Nature and Awareness

I have been in contact with my [4th density body] for some time, for which in this density of earth, we all have a conscious appearance [astral]. I refer to the laws of nature, which are well known on that conscious level as the "Grey Protocols."
We cannot ignore the laws of nature and expect success for our culture. To produce a self sustaining society on this world, we must design it to emulate the universal laws of nature. Our best source of knowledge is not from out there, or from some alien culture, it is from our own 4th density self, that already has all the correct answers for this world.

The path is clear to work with our own 4th density bodies, and learn the correct and accurate protocols of nature.
As the "boys topside" stated, "we cannot teach you, we can only assist your learning process."

Wilbert made this clear in his opening paragraphs of "The New Science." 
Awareness must be present at the beginning step of all creation, and that awareness still lives in all of us today.
Nothing is hidden, everything lies right in front of us, waiting to be understood.

Comprehension is a personal process. "Wilbert Smith"
This is very different from memorization of other's formulas, and discoveries.
The indication of true comprehension, is ability to write your own formulas and have them work.

The Safe Experiment Was Found

After years of work and experiments, on December 12 2019  I took my new spreadsheet with the "dangerous disruptive formulas" on it, and reduced it to Audio frequencies to see if the fields could become manageable in our physical reality.
Here is the first one I activated from that spreadsheet. The new Function Generators could now discern an audio frequency to 6 decimal places for accurate targeting of tempic field resonance using the scalar Aluminum Bismuth coils.
This gave ability for instant on and off of the field.

Platform 1a with distance graph

Audio frequency SSF testing

Aluminum - F gen set to 1355.77 Hz
Scalar coil injection.

Minor Field is present in about 1/4 inch area of space around the aluminum tube of the coils, and all through the capacitors.
Unplug F gen, field stays on the metals, shifts to a self powering state, you can feel the shift, much like a Joe Cell taking on the energy at the third tap of voltage.

Touching an external Aluminum Bismuth slug to the capacitor lead, the new Slug vibrates up, from the power in the capacitors Aluminum holding the field and becoming a "Source" of the new energy form.

Now I slowly bring the Aluminum wire up to the surface of the Aluminum slug tube on the graph paper, and I actually have to touch it, to get it to take the field into it.
The propagation distance is for all practical purposes touching. In theory 1.35577 mm out.

The Aluminum wire removed is now vibrating by itself not connected to anything. Pretty intense field holding the wire, so I put it down.

The energy comes from the Aluminum mass, and is very small in dimension.

Audio level injection is instant with a touch!
Audio frequencies calculated to geometric isotope NVR resonance self sustaining strongly.

12 - 12 - 2019

TDF [Take down frequency]
1355.77 / 3 = 451.9237 hz

451.92 hz

This took the field down on all the components, but my hands are still feeling the after glow, or should I call it an after shock.
I do not recommend exposure to touching this in the energized state for very long.
If you are very good at taking only what you need from a powering vibration field, and letting the rest flow on by, it will be ok.
Be sure you also take in the take down frequency to your hands!
I put my hands in cold water and shoot energy out, a Jin Shin Do technique to clear out energy you have taken in from a client.

There was no interaction from the power grid, as we were hoping, however the field is quite strong for such a low frequency.
There was no interaction with the computers or electronics in the area, as the field was self contained within the smaller dimension at 1.36 mm of the Aluminum surfaces.
This now meets all our requirements for applications of this new energy form.

I will need to rest up before testing the Bismuth, as it may have a lot more power with the increased mass.


SSF = Self Sustaining Field
TDF = Take Down Frequency

Dave L

Danger Will Robinson

Noted that the "conical field" most resembles the tornado system, and provisioning of a TDF [Take Down Frequency] becomes an essential component of control.

Noted in this experiment was the fact that once the wire was energized, or charged up, and became what feels like an electrical Source of power, a live wire, if you touched it to any other Aluminum metal of any size, the new metal would then also charge up from it's own NVR mass resonance, and you would begin to amplify this energy. It's power may well be proportional to the mass of the element in vibration.

Any one who touched the newer larger piece would get a real surprise. This might not be good. They would have no clue how to discharge it, and try as they might to ground the piece, the energy would never bleed off at all, because it is designed by nature to self sustain and self recover, and even to self replicate it's field into any atoms of like structure coming into direct contact with it!

The constructed Aluminum element you now have energized, must be fully isolated from the outside world, and especially from any Aluminum materials you may have laying around the garage.
This sort of energy is totally different then anything we have ever used thus far in our public domain sector on earth. While it seems to be a solution for energy production, with this comes a true danger of loss of control.
As with any new energy form, the laws that govern it's use must become widely known, as it then slowly becomes accepted as a viable controllable risk, if proper safety precautions are used.

Lastly, the knowledge of how to take this field down from any Aluminum it appears on, is more important then ability to set this field up.
It requires a positive intervention, of a working take down frequency TDF, which is now too small for a stainless steel caliper to control.

The take down frequency for all the cones I have set up in the background field to date is 1/3 the height of the cone from it's tip to the center of it's base.
Even cones developed by injecting first the base frequency, will only come down after you calculate and then apply the 1/3 height frequency.
You must understand the energy equivalence that 1 mm of space = 1 khz frequency for each of the three dimensions you are working in. This is what the platform1a had actually taught us!

A device using this technology, would have to be stamped with the TDF [Take Down Frequency] clearly visible to de-energize it, before doing any sort of repairs on it.
With this well understood, we can go forwards and start to develop ways to use this energy form and begin to put it to a functional use.

Here is the first spreadsheet of all the elements that are sensitive to NMR technology, for which this formula can be applied to raise up the conical form fields from them at various fractal dimensions of our choice.
Another danger is if you make them 20 cm or larger, the 60 Hz power grid energy may attach into them, which is not pleasant at all, and may become very hard to take down.


Keep a very accurate record of each and every frequency you apply as you do it, as if you forget a frequency, it may be very hard to cipher how to take it down after the fact!

Previous Experiments and References

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Rel 1.1 Spreadsheet 3 page including "spin cone" fractals

Scalar Coil Construction

Public Domain Disclaimer

I release this information from my direct experimental records, that the technology of self sustaining machines enter our conscious field as a human form culture. The cited spreadsheets as well.
I cannot take responsibility for anyones actions with this knowledge, we must all be responsible for what we do with the greater knowledge of creation awareness.
Not I nor anyone else, can own the physics of the Source field, which powers all things in this physical universe. Please work with it carefully and responsibly, it belongs to all of us.

Dave L

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